Our Mission

Jaihun Charity Organization provides a variety of services to the Tajik people through the following projects: 1. In-kind assistance to the needy 2. Drilling wells in are as where there are no public water network 3. Offer sacrifice to the needy and poor families 4. Ensure that orphans 5. Build mosques 6. Building schools andQuran centers 7. Buildhealthcentersand hospitals 8. Development projects: the reclamation of agricultural land, cow’s valuation, commercial shops and boutiques 9. Contribute to the mitigation fall affected by the event of natural disasters

Since the establishment Jaihun Charity Organization charity sought organizers of the strive to provide humanitarian services to the people of Tajikistan and stand next to him by the possibilities available despite the absence of the head quarters of an independent and crew manage full-time, but all that did not prevent Mr. Joma’h Nadhar Kabootov – Founder and Mr. Nematullah Kabootov - Managing Director of Jaihun Charity Organization should do the implementation of projects financed by donors with some volunteers benefactors of the people of the region, and the continuity of the work of Jaihun Charity Organization under this situation sand giving its best proof that this association was founded on the principle sand high moral sand do not stop at the physical position shortage advantage of them. Here's quick overview of the most important carried out by the Jaihun Charity Organization since its founding in 2007

Mr. Joma’h Nadhar Kabootov.


Mr. Nematullah Kabootov.

Managing Director

Mr. AbdurrazzaqRahmanov

Admin Manager

Mr. JalaluddinBadruddin

Financial Manager
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